ZF Expands E-Mobility Division

ZF has expanded its E-Mobility division with new buildings and locations. The technology company recently opened a new building for administration, R&D, and sales at the divisional headquarters in Schweinfurt. In Pancevo near the Serbian capital of Belgrade, a new plant for electric drives will go into operation soon.

“The demand for electric driveline solutions has grown enormously,” said Michael Hankel, Member of the Board of Management of ZF with responsibility for areas such as E-Mobility and Corporate Production. “This is why we have invested heavily in this division, creating attractive employment opportunities and increased production capacity. With electromobility, ZF is paving the way for next-generation mobility solutions and contributing to a reduction in worldwide vehicle emissions.”

With the new building in Schweinfurt, ZF has created space for around 520 employees. The workspaces are based on ZF’s office 3.0 concept, which enables project-based, flexible working and makes it easier for employees to communicate with each other.

“This modern office concept creates the perfect all-purpose working environment. It reflects the transformation in the working world, which is now marked by agility and digitalization. We want to provide our outstanding employees with an outstanding place to work,” commented Jörg Grotendorst, Head of the E-Mobility division. The €30 million building is also home to 16 Test Benches and checking facilities that can be used to test electric and hybrid drives and their components.

With more than 9,400 employees, Schweinfurt is one of the biggest ZF sites in the world. ZF is also the biggest employer in the Lower Franconia region. In addition to the E-Mobility division founded in 2016, ZF’s Aftermarket division is also run from Schweinfurt.

ZF is also expanding the E-Mobility division and increasing its production capacity at two other sites. Next week, after just a year of construction work, the new Pancevo plant will go into operation. At the plant, located 14 km northeast of the Serbian capital of Belgrade, ZF will primarily produce electric motors, generators for hybrid and electric drives, transmission selectors, and microswitches. Another production location for electric drives is currently under construction in Hangzhou, south of Shanghai, China. This plant is set to go into operation next year.


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