MAHLE develops new oil management module for EVs

MAHLE has developed a new oil management module to meet the growing demands regarding oil management in electric vehicles with an oil-cooled powertrain. The unit comprises a filter, electric oil pumps, and a thermostat. It enables vehicle manufacturers to deal with the increasing requirements associated with the development of high-performance electric drives.

The main priority for the new module was to guarantee all the functions necessary for direct-cooled powertrains. These include cooling and filtering as well as oil supply. The reduced interfaces to the powertrain also mean less assembly effort, fewer mounting materials, and lower assembly times and costs.

“Our new oil management module is leading the way in powertrain design for electric vehicles. The technologies we have used are proven and suitable for large-scale production. Our approach of bringing together all the functions in one component makes our oil management module exceptional. We allow for a lot of design flexibility and combine what is technically feasible with what makes economic sense,” explains Dr. Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of MAHLE.

The patented pressure-side filtration concept also offers a high degree of flexibility in the selection of the type, size, and power rating of the pump. This significantly reduces the risk of foaming and cavitation on the suction side of the oil pump. Thus, high volume flows can be pumped, and even low flows can be controlled efficiently and according to demand, the company said.

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