Chem-Trend launches new release agent

US-based release agents and speciality chemicals maker Chem-Trend has launched release agent designed for automotive suppliers focused on the manufacturing of clutches and brakes. This water-based solution improves part quality, protects tooling investments, and maximises operational productivity for customers. Through Chem-Trend’s acquisition of Huron Technologies, additional product technology, manufacturing, and process know-how were combined with Chem-Trend’s breadth of release agent development expertise.

“Due to its leading-edge technology and high performance, our new offering is positioned as the gold standard for the production of molded friction components such as automotive clutches and brakes,” said Livia Chen, Business Development Director – Rubber, Chem-Trend. “For automotive suppliers, this new release agent not only provides remarkable results, but in some applications it can achieve those results with less release agent being required.”

Key benefits of the new release agent are better quality initially, and over time, improved cycle times due to a cleaner, more consistent mould, less buildup, requiring fewer cleanings and less related labour and extended life of molds and equipment, thanks to less wear and cleanings over time

Through a global supply chain, customers have access to Chem-Trend’s discoveries worldwide, with regional teams ready to tailor solutions for their specific needs.

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