Bosch collaborates with fuel-cell expert Ceres Power

Bosch is pressing ahead with the development of fuel-cell technology for potential new power systems by collaborating with technology specialist Ceres Power, the UK, to develop the next stage of solid-oxide fuel-cell (SOFC) technology. Bosch also plans to take a four percent equity stake in Ceres Power. A collaboration and license agreement, as well as a share purchase agreement, were signed by the two companies on August 20, 2018.

“Bosch believes that the highly efficient fuel cell, with its very low emissions, has an important role to play in energy systems’ security of supply and flexibility,” said Dr Stefan Hartung, Bosch management board member.

Ceres Power is a leading player in the development of next-generation SOFC technology. Its strategy is to commercialise its technology through mass production with partners and to use this technology for grid-based and distributed power generation. The intention is that SOFC systems will be used in cities, factories, and data centres, and also as a power supply for charging points for electric vehicles.

With urbanisation on the increase, fuel-cell technology has a crucial role to play in securing power supplies: by 2050, it is expected that more than six billion people worldwide – 70 percent of the global population – will live in cities. Even now, the world’s metropolises account for 75 percent of the energy consumed worldwide. By 2035, global energy consumption will have increased 30 percent.

“The vision for our partnership with Bosch is to set a new industry standard for solid-oxide fuel cells, leading to widespread adoption in distributed power supplies. By combining Ceres’ unique Steel Cell technology with Bosch’s engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain strength we will establish a strong partnership that can make our technology even more competitive and prepare it for mass production,” says Phil Caldwell, the CEO of Ceres Power.

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